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Background: domains ending in .ruhr – the first new regional extension worldwide – have been available from 21 January 2014, and BILD is now the first media brand to launch its .ruhr website. The 5.2 million people living in the Ruhr region can now read the regional edition of the paper at this URL.
For many, the new top-level domains are an Internet revolution. Several hundred extensions will be launched in the coming months, and many of them make a direct reference to the type of website using them – such as .shop, .builders or .company. Regional extensions such as .ruhr are especially interesting for companies and privately-run websites alike. A commitment to the region is obvious just from the URL – the address becomes more personal and is easier to remember. As things stand, brand owners can preferentially register .ruhr domains until 20 February 2014.
With its new address on the Internet, BILD has made good on its promise to be just a click away, wherever you are. Europe’s biggest media brand offers a daily crop of exclusives and decides the top stories for the day. In Germany, few brands are more frequently quoted and few reach more readers nationwide. By reporting on daily events in the Ruhr, BILD shows its commitment to the region each and every day. "We are over the moon that BILD has launched one of the very first .ruhr websites, and so clearly and unmistakably made a commitment to the virtual Ruhr region," comment Bernhard Lüders and Anja Elsing, executive directors of regiodot GmbH & Co. KG.
A note for the iPad/iPhone users among you:
Please note that Safari – at least under iOS 7 – doesn’t recognise any of the new extensions. If you enter into the address bar for the first time on your device, Safari assumes it’s a search term and forwards it to Google.
Please enter http:// once in your browser: after this, you can also access the website using

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