Ingo Schwarz

CEO of ,,Kugelfisch''

„We’re based in the Ruhr area. And with www.kugelfisch.ruhr we don’t want to hide this.“

Kim Adamek


“.ruhr is, for me, a very conscious decision. The Ruhr is an urban centre of the economy. There are so many companies here which are all located closely together and this is seen in hardly any other area.”

Ben Küstner


“.ruhr is a good thing. The ending describes the local character and here we are only too glad to be pioneer.”

Alexandra Mittelbach


“We are a manufactory which makes a German quality product completely by hand. High end audio for the studio and home – made in the Ruhr.”

Erwin Neuwald


“With .ruhr we want to show our local colours and hope that this will also result in a high degree of acceptancy amongst our customers.”

Sandra Glatthor


“There’s no stagnation in the Ruhr and the name www.in-bewegung.ruhr, therefore, seemed only logical to me.”


Christian Scheele


“We are not only staunch Essen residents but also staunch Ruhr residents who, with www.teutonia.ruhr, are only too happy to jump on the .ruhr bandwagon.”

Sabine Banach


“The .ruhr domain ending is innovative. It suits the Ruhr and me.”

Oliver Schuster


“.ruhr was an active decision as we live and breathe the Ruhr and are passionate about it. The Ruhr is a brand. The area has always had strength and this immediately becomes clear with this ending.”

Peter Gärtner


“The .ruhr ending is more than simply a top level domain, it shows commitment to the region and the people who live here. It therefore suits the idea of establishing the word ‘pottschön’ (regional dialect for ‘ruggedly beautiful’) in German language usage perfectly and, in doing so, also creates the premise for an entry in the Duden (German language dictionary): "Duisburg, Essen, Dortmund, the Ruhr. . .pottschön!" is an expression of a positive attitude and confident declaration of love of the people of the Ruhr to the rugged beauty of their homeland.”

Hendrik Rathmann


“The voluntary agency is dedicated to the people of Essen and their commitment and our daily work is closely associated with the ideas, wishes and goals of the committed Ruhr residents. With the .ruhr ending, we are showing our attachment to the local area and our joy in this sense of togetherness, also in the worldwide web.”

Florian Scheffler


“The Ruhr is incredibly diverse! It is trendy and traditional, offers culture and lifestyle, trouble but also relaxation and above all: it has its very own identity. That it is now exhibiting this wealth of diversity in the worldwide web is fantastic and, for me as a start up, it was clearly the first choice for my website and virtual declaration of love to my “Pott”.

Thorsten Maass


“.ruhr is, for me, spot on. It’s an honour to be able to use this domain ending.”

Jörg Lindner


“lindner.ruhr – read once and remembered immediately. For us, .ruhr is a clear commitment to the region and this ending means much more to me than .de. Here, we are active and are able to say something about the region.”

Heiner Horz


“With kanalreinigung.ruhr, we are not only showing where our roots are. Our customers are also thankful as they want a service provider who is just around the corner and this is exactly what our web address says and this creates trust.”

Hinrich Nolte


“More than 5 million inhabitants, an area of 4,400 square kilometres, almost 400 towns and communities – ONE homeland! The Ruhr is an important identification factor for us and the people who live here.

.ruhr also sums up this feeling in the worldwide web and we now therefore not only carry the Ruhr in our hearts and on our tongues but also in our top level domain.”

Birgit Sieckmann


“.ruhr, because I am from here and because I like working with regional customers.”

Maria Baumeister


“With the Ruhr Science Night, the Ruhr metropolis transforms itself into a living laboratory. On 30. September 2016, the Ruhr’s scientific and research institutes presented their innovative projects and fascinating discoveries. You can find out more about event on the website: www.wissensnacht.ruhr.”

Peter Ricken


“With our branches in Essen and Hagen we look after the Ruhr. Our offer far exceeds the standard and, with the umbrella ending apotheken.ruhr, we are able to perfectly position ourselves in the regional landscape of chemists.”

Benjamin Schepers


“90 years Ruhr metropolis from ABOVE: www.luftbilder.geoportal.ruhr impressively documents the region’s transformation from the 1920s to the present day with an almost area-wide coverage of the Ruhr region with aerial images.”

Christian Scherschel


“The top level domain .ruhr allows us to easily develop our local presence as an Essen UV offset printing company in the internet and, at the same time, exhibit our close attachment to the Ruhr region in a way which is also good for publicity.”

Carsten Wrede, Marcus Kötter


“As POTTpeople we like to show where we come from!  Not only with our name but also our URL and .ruhr is perfect for this!”

Berthold Barth


“With agile.ruhr we offer a central contact point for people in the Ruhr who are interested in modern working methods on an equal footing.”

Sandra Wilps


“In my small workshop, favourite items are lovingly made by hand – individually and, upon request, also with a name or personal motif. The .ruhr domain also identifies the place where the Lieblingsstücke creative base is located and I think it’s good to know when good products come from the local area.”

Lukas Rüger


“We were always looking for an “umbrella”, a clear sign of commitment to the region and, with .ruhr, we are now finally able to present this. The white town by the lake can be found under zeltfestival.ruhr.”

Corinna Schüngel


“KNIGGE.RUHR is not only my brand but also my direct home in the web. Catchy and efficient.”

Berthold Barth, Maik Wagner


“There couldn’t be a better domain for what we do. Hereby it helps to show the context in which we operate. It all goes together perfectly.”

Birgit Diermann


“The KulturKanal (Culture Canal) is the main canal through the Emscher Landscape Park in the heart of the Ruhr metropolis and the perfect place for anyone who wishes to combine art, culture and travel with various recreational offers along the central waterway.” Further information available on: www.kulturkanal.ruhr and blog.kulturkanal.ruhr!”

Bettina Brakelmann


“I regularly blog about interior design in the Ruhr where there are cool houses and flats, great stores and many creative people. And now, finally, also the right domain in the internet: .ruhr! I didn’t even consider an alternative as .ruhr is not only a domain ending but represents a feeling and is also a statement.”

Tobias Nazemi


“The www.pressetermine.ruhr online calendar was launched in March 2015. Many companies and media from the Ruhr region are already using this free service whereby they can enter their press dates and help other companies plan press events/conferences better and avoid clashing dates.”

Thorsten Pydde


“I really like sending e-mails with my .ruhr address and, in doing so, demonstrate my attachment to the local area.”

Brigitta Blömeke


“KulturPott.Ruhr e.V. stands for the cultural participation of everyone, also people with low incomes or small pensions. Our cultural partners provide free entry tickets which we, as volunteers, give to our “cultural guests” enabling them access to events which they may otherwise be excluded from.”

Gabriele Becker


“WIESE e.V. is an advisory office for more than 600 self-help groups in Essen. On www.wiesenetz.ruhr we offer a central platform for self-help work and, in doing so, contribute to a self-help friendly climate in Essen.”

Sebastian Kessler


“www.ksv.ruhr suited our fusion really well as Kettwiger TV was on the one side and TV Kettwig in front of the bridge on the other side of the Ruhr.”

Frank Oberpichler

Managing director Durian GmbH

“.ruhr is an excellent opportunity to publically demonstrate our commitment to the Ruhr region in the internet. As the publisher of Gesundheits•Magazin•Ruhr (www.gesundheitsmagazin.ruhr) (a health magazine) and organiser of Gesundheits•Messe•Ruhr (www.gesundheitsmesse.ruhr) (a health exhibition), I am pleased to have been part of the Ruhr region 2.0 right from the start!”

Dervis Koyupinar


“With dental.ruhr we found the right name for our dental practice. It’s short and easily remembered and I am convinced that this domain ending has a future.”

Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert

Ex-President of the German "Bundestag"

“Soon the global web will show us what still can’t be seen on any map of the world: the Ruhr Metropolis. Its citizens are so proud of their “home patch” that they identify strongly with the region in which they live and work. The domain .ruhr expresses both the patriotism of the people living in the region and the cosmopolitanism of an internationally-networked metropolitan area that is absolutely outstanding in terms of both commerce and culture.”

Michelle Müntefering

Member of the German "Bundestag"

“.ruhr - Feeling home in the web. Great idea!"

Prof. Dr. Oliver Scheytt

Mangaging director of the "RUHR.2010 GmbH"

“The .ruhr extension gives Ruhr’s citizens the chance to express their love for the region in a way similar to previous initiatives like the ‘Still-Leben Ruhrschnellweg or ‘SchachtZeichen’ projects.”

Karola Geiß-Netthöfel

Territorial director of the "Regionalverband Ruhr (RVR)"

“With the introduction of this regional domain, the Ruhr Metropolis gets the chance to acquire a ‘unique selling point’ in the World Wide Web. It’s a feature that will definitely increase the noticeability of the Ruhr area in this key communications network.”

Reinhard Paß

Ex-Mayor of the city "Essen"

“The Ruhr Metropolis has a simple formula for success: the people who live here and make a difference. The .ruhr domain offers a chance to establish this formula as a distinctive brand on the Internet. Companies in particular should make the most of this unique opportunity.”

Reginald Hohmeister

BVMW - "Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft e.V." 8German Association for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses), spokesperson for the Ruhr metropolis

“.ruhr not only creates identification with the Ruhr region. It is also a clear advantage for the companies in the Ruhr area, since it boosts public awareness.”

Juliane Helmke

"heimatPOTTential" - The blog about the Ruhr-region

“.ruhr is a small dot with a great homePOTTential.”

Ludger Claßen

"Klartext" publishing house

“As the publishers for the Ruhr region, we find it very appealing that you’ll soon be able to see this even from our domain name.”

Peter-T. Schulz

Artist, poet, photographer and inventor of the "Oller Hansen"

“To keep life moving, we put a dot in front of it. Life pure - dot Ruhr!”

Thomas & Dani Walter

Operators of the Facebook-page "Dinge die einer ausm Pott nicht sagt“ ("Things someone from the Ruhr-area wouldn't say")

“Hey there – a word in your ear: “Ruhr” is a feeling - and with .ruhr you’ll finally be able to show the world how you feel!”

Christian Stratmann

Mondpalast-Prinzipal (Moon-Palace principle), Herne.

“.ruhr is a good, contemporary way to show commitment to the region and to document what we’ve achieved. I really hope that plenty of business and individuals register a .ruhr domain, so as to raise public awareness of this project.”

Rainer Rettinger

Ambassador of the Ruhr region
(Award from the pro Ruhrgebiet association)

“Dot! Ruhr! The domain for every “Ruhri”. Clear commitment, clear identification and unmistakable solidarity with the region - an undying declaration of love. Whatever you do here and however you go online: .ruhr is THE address with a future!”

Maik Meid

Director of social marketing/ fundraising at the Christian Association of Youth Villages of Germany (Christliches Jugenddorfwerk Deutschlands e.V.), Ruhr region/ Lower Rhine

“The new domains will give the Internet something it’s really been missing up to now: with .ruhr, emotions get domain names. And, for the real “Ruhris”, they’ll feel a moment of pleasure every time they type a xy.ruhr URL into their browsers.”

Björn Schüngel

Managing director of the "schüngelschwarz Agentur für Kommunikation"

“.ruhr makes sense. And it’s fun at the same time. A particularly successful combination.”

Chris Wawrzyniak

Der Goldene Raum ("The Golden Room"), Herne

“For me, .ruhr is the logical next step in pursuit of the metropolitan idea that has been steadily gathering pace since the activities during the Capital of Culture Ruhr.2010.”

Tiffy Emschermann

Gospelprojekt-Ruhr e.V.

 “With .ruhr, we want to make clear that we are doing something for the region.”“

Bernhard Lüders

Managing director of regiodot GmbH & Co. KG

“.ruhr is a unique opportunity to permanently associate your company with the region.”

Anja Elsing

Managing director of regiodot GmbH & Co. KG

“Up to now, the Internet has been so global, so wide-ranging, so general. But a domain extension like .ruhr makes everything new and individual, creates identity – our own home on the web.”